Voyeurism as a Criminal Offence: A Consultation Paper

Summary of Questions

  • How should the criminal voyeurism offence be defined?

  • Is the activity captured in the distribution scheme appropriate?

  • Should a defence or defences be created for a criminal voyeurism offence?

  • Should a defence or defences be created for the distribution offence?

  • Should the defence or defences be limited in any way? If so, how should it/they be limited?

  • Should the offence provisions establish hybrid offences for each of the offences?

  • Should the penalty for committing the offence of criminal voyeurism by recording be higher than that for viewing?

  • Should the penalty for distribution of voyeuristic materials be higher than the penalty available for the viewing or recording of voyeuristic materials?

  • Do you have any suggestions for appropriate penalty ranges for the various offences?

  • Do you have any other suggestions about the voyeurism scheme?

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