Voyeurism as a Criminal Offence: A Consultation Paper (Abridged Version)


The invention of new technology such as Web cameras, which can transmit live images over the Internet, and the abuse of this technology to view or record citizens have raised serious concerns about privacy. Currently, there is no specific offence dealing with voyeurism in the Criminal Code. The Government of Canada is therefore considering creating an offence of criminal voyeurism and an offence of distributing visual representations obtained through voyeurism.

The purpose of this consultation by the Department of Justice is to seek the views of Canadians on this issue and on the related questions of possible defences and appropriate penalties.

This document is essentially an abridged version of a longer consultation paper issued by the Department of Justice Canada. This shorter version omits most of the technical details and references, which are more likely to be of interest to legal professionals and other specialists in the field. Nonetheless, the issue of voyeurism is one of broad public concern, and the Department welcomes the views of any member of the general public who is interested in responding to the consultation questions. A copy of the full document may be obtained from the Department of Justice by calling (613) 957-4752 or faxing (613) 941-9310 or by visiting the Justice Web site at: http://canada.justice.gc.ca/eng/cons/voy/index.html

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