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Supreme Court of British Columbia: Judicial Case Conferences

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A Judicial Case Conference (“JCC”) is a private, informal meeting attended by a judge or master of the Court and the parties to a family law proceeding and their lawyers (if they have lawyers).

A JCC provides an early opportunity for the parties, with the assistance of a judge or master, to discuss ways in which some or all of the issues may be resolved other than by further litigation and trial. If further litigation including a trial is necessary, the JCC provides an opportunity to set a plan for the litigation that will ensure the trial is heard and a decision is made in a just, timely and cost-efficient manner. At the conclusion of the judicial case conference, a Case Management Plan form will be completed and signed by the parties or their lawyers and by the judge or master.

There are a number of topics that the judge or master may consider at a JCC:

  • Identifying the issues that are in dispute and those that are not in dispute;
  • Exploring ways in which the issues in dispute may be resolved;
  • Ensuring disclosure of the relevant evidence;
  • Setting the date for a trial and a trial management conference, if appropriate;
  • making pre-trial orders; and
  • Considering any other matters that may aid in the resolution of the proceeding
In British Columbia, family law cases are heard in both the Provincial Court and the B.C. Supreme Court. Because their responsibilities overlap in some areas - including guardianship, parenting arrangements, contact and support - many couples find that they have a choice: they can go to either court. In other cases, such as divorce or the division of property, only the Supreme Court has jurisdiction.

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Supreme Court judiciary

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If you are a party to a family law matter, you may request a judicial case conference at any time. Also, a judge or master may direct that a judicial case conference take place at any stage of a family law proceeding.

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Please visit the following website for materials relevant Judicial Case Conferences:

Litigants' Guide to Judicial Case Conferences

There are filing fees and fees for trial days and conferences (and other court processes) for actions in Supreme Court.

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Supreme Court Family Rules, Rule 7-1

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Please contact the Supreme Court registry nearest you for further information.

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