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Child Support Variation Services


Type of service
Support Recalculation Services

Services offered
The Alberta Child Support Recalculation Program (RP) provides an administrative way to adjust child support annually based on changes to the parties’ incomes. RP recalculates table amounts of support and proportionate shares of special expenses for eligible court orders and agreements made using the tables in the Child Support Guidelines.

Information regarding eligibility is on the RP website. Recalculated child support amounts take effect only after the parties are notified of RP’s decision; the program does not make retroactive adjustments to child support amounts.

Pilot or ongoing service
Ongoing service

Department responsible
Alberta Justice and Solicitor General

How to access this service
Either party to a child support order (i.e. payor or recipient) may choose to register with the program. Registration information is available on the RP website and by fax or mail on request to RP.

One central office in Edmonton serves the province. All communications are done by phone or in writing (i.e. no public access to the office).
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English. Some service in other languages is available through translators.

General information sheet
Child Support Recalculation Program

There is a service fee of $75 per party per recalculation that changes the child support amount.

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