Aboriginal Justice Strategy
Annual Report

Executive Summary

With a 2005-06 budget of approximately $9.9 million, including $7.4 million in Grants and Contributions, the AJS funded: 110 community-based justice programs serving 433 communities across the country; 27 training and development activities for communities and program staff; and 3 self-government capacity building initiatives.

During 2005-06, the AJD was an active participant on a number of working groups and committees that brought stakeholders together to share information and expertise, and to discuss emerging issues. A mid-term evaluation of the AJS completed in June of 2005 identified that the AJD and the AJS have had a positive impact on the level of cooperation among various Aboriginal justice stakeholders.

Research and evaluation activities in 2005-06 were directed at evaluating the effectiveness of the AJS in delivering on its mandate. Activities included a restorative justice literature review, the creation of an inventory of recent third-party evaluations of AJS-funded programs, a formal mid-term evaluation of the AJS and work has begun on a recidivism study and ten case studies.

In 2005-06, the AJD revitalized its outreach and partnership activities to build awareness of the AJS internally and externally. The AJD attended and participated at a number of national and international conferences and workshops to promote the AJS and to share and receive information about Aboriginal justice initiatives. The AJS web site was enhanced and a new visual identity was created for the Strategy . The AJD also began work to address the under-representation of Aboriginal people in justice professions.

In 2006-07, the final year of the current AJS mandate, the AJD will continue its work to make meaningful progress on Aboriginal justice issues by:

  • supporting community-based justice programs, training and development initiatives, and self-government capacity-building projects;
  • participating in self-government negotiations;
  • enhancing outreach and partnership; and
  • engaging in evaluation activities to demonstrate results.

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