Summary of the Inuit Women and the Nunavut Justice System Workshop


Workshop participants recognized the complexity and interrelationship of the issues associated with the impact of the evolving Nunavut justice system on Inuit women. It was also noted by those participants who attended the NSDC Justice Conference that women actively participated in the proceedings and issues of violence against women were raised and seriously discussed. Yet, in light of what we know about family and community dynamics, formal processes and mechanisms may have to be in place to allow the same women to speak out freely and safely in their home communities. There is a role for the federal government in supporting this.

Echoing the points raised in the report, From Hips to Hope: Inuit women and the Nunavut Justice System, participants noted in their group presentations that the increased role and responsibility of community justice committees and JPs provides an opportunity for Justice Canada, as a funder of training programs and research, to work with the Nunavut government to begin to explore short and long terms responses to the challenges identified in the report.

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