Nunavut Legal Services Study

Figure 2.7: Unemployment Rates in Nunavut Communities (1996)

This is a vertical bar chart that illustrates the unemployment rates in Nunavut communities for the year 1996

The Y axis represents the unemployment rate. It is measured in percentages and in increments of 0.5 starting from 14.5 to 19.5

The X axis represents the Nunavut communities. The following communities are listed from left to right: Keewatin, Kitikmeot, North Baffin and South Baffin.

  • The unemployment rate of Keewatin community was between 18.5 and19%
  • The unemployment rate of Kitikmeot community was approximately 17%
  • In North Baffin the unemployment rate was approximately 17.5%
  • In South Baffin the unemployment rate was between 16 and 16.5%
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