Legal Aid, Courtworker, and Public Legal Education and Information Needs in the Northwest Territories


  • Table 1: Interview Respondents
  • Table 2: Total Adult and Youth Criminal Cases, by Registry
  • Table 3: Criminal Charge Types in Territorial Courts
  • Table 4: Criminal Legal Aid Clients Served, by Case Type
  • Table 5: Presumed Eligibility Statistics, by Case Type
  • Table 6: Supreme Court Criminal Trials, by Trial Type
  • Table 7: Legal Aid Application Denials
  • Table 8: Federal and Territorial Contributions to Legal Aid, Native Courtworkers and PLEI
  • Table 9: Average Time from Case Initiation to Final Disposition in Territorial and Supreme Courts: Resident vs Circuit Courts
  • Table 10: Plea in JP Courts, by Court Registry
  • Table 11: Plea in Justice of Peace Courts, by Charge Type
  • Table 12: Dispositions in Justice of the Peace Court
  • Table 13: Sentences Ordered by JP Courts
  • Table 14: Courtworker Services
  • Table 15: Civil and Family Legal Aid Clients Served, by Case Type
  • Table 16: Civil and Family Cases by Year in all Northwest Terriroties Courts
  • Table 17: Law Line Statistics: Gender of Caller
  • Table 18: Law Line Statistics: Type of Inquiry
  • Table 19: Law Line Statistics: Source of Referral
  • Table 20: Law Line Statistics: Location of Caller
  • Table 21: Average Priority Assigned to Legal Aid Needs by Focus Group Participants
  • Table 22: Strategies for High Priority Needs
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