A Review of Research on Criminal Victimization and First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples 1990 to 2001

Chart 3: A Comparison of Aboriginal Women and Non-Aboriginal Women Who have Experienced Violence in the past 5 Years.

Chart 3 “Risk of Spousal Violence” compares the risk of spousal violence between women in the Non-Aboriginal population versus women versus Aboriginal population by comparing the percentage of each population who have “experienced violence by a current or former spouse in the past 5 years.”

The y axis is ranges from 0% to 30%

On the x axis are two bars which represent the percentage of Non-Aboriginal Women and Aboriginal Women who have experienced spousal violence by a current or former spouse in the past five years.  Between 7-10% of the Non-Aboriginal population experienced violence within the past five years, whereas upwards of 25% of Aboriginal Women have experienced violence in the past five years.  The bar representing Aboriginal women is about three times greater than the bar representing Non-Aboriginal women.

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