Abuse Is Wrong In Any Culture: Inuit

"You ain't crazy
How could you have known
He'd kill a lifetime
And break all your bones
High heels on a gravel road

My lovely Irene
I love you Irene

Why didn't you walk away
You should have just walked away."

—From Angel Street (Lovely Irene) reproduced with the permission of Lucie Idlout

About this booklet

This booklet is for Inuit women and girls who are hurting because of violence in their relationship or in their family.

This booklet is written for Inuit women and girls, but anyone—man or woman, young or old, Inuit or Qallunaat—who is being hurt or who is hurting others is encouraged to get help.

Seeking help is not weakness but is a sign of strength in choosing to break cycles of violence and abuse.

If you know someone who is hurting, you can tell her she is not alone … and you can show her this booklet in a safe place.


Please note that the information in this publication is not a substitute for legal advice. To receive legal advice about your specific situation, you need to speak to a lawyer.

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