Abuse Is Wrong In Any Culture: Inuit

What is an emergency plan?

An emergency plan is knowing in your mind what you will do when he attacks you again. It means being ready for that next attack.

Some women figure out how to leave before he attacks them again … they start to see the signs that he is going to be violent.

"I had nowhere to go so I walked around town with the kids for a few hours and just waited till he passed out."

Women who have been abused say it's important to have a plan:

  • Memorize the phone number of the police (these numbers are listed in the pages in the back pocket at the end of this booklet).
  • If you do not have a police officer in your community you can call the closest community with a police officer:
    • they will usually accept collect calls
    • if language is an issue, find someone who can help you with the call
    • if you don't get a response right away, don't give up—keep trying!
  • Memorize the phone number of friends and relatives you trust … you can arrange to say a code word or phrase to them that means they should call the police.
  • Plan how you would get to the health centre, hamlet office, church or friend's house if you had to get somewhere safe or somewhere with other people in a hurry.
  • Leave some clothes, money and other valuable survival items at a friend's house in case you have to leave quickly … or have a hidden bag with the things you will need.
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