Abuse Is Wrong In Any Culture: Inuit

What is happening to my children?

Parents must put children's needs first. It is shocking and overwhelming for children to see or hear a parent being abused. They get very, very frightened by:

  • watching their mom get slapped and hit
  • hearing the screams and angry voices.

Children may:

  • hide under the bed
  • try to be invisible
  • try to be super 'good'
  • feel helpless
  • feel terrified
  • feel like it's their fault
  • feel alone.

Children then are scarred for the rest of their lives.

"Dad is drinking again today … I'll be good and super quiet … that way I can hide so he doesn't see me … Mom looks really scared … I'll have to protect her … this is all my fault … I should find my sister and take her to Auntie's house … Hi Dad … do you want me to bring in some iceberg?"

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