The 2008 National Justice Survey: The Youth Justice System in Canada and the Youth Criminal Justice Act

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Figure 2: Confidence in specific public services in Canada. This is a vertical stacked bar chart that illustrates the level of confidence (high, moderate or low) among respondents in specific public services in Canada. The Y-axis is measured in percentages in increments of 10 from 0 to 100. The X-axis is divided into 5 categories. The X-axis lists the following categories from left to right:

  • the primary and secondary school system,
  • the child welfare system,
  • the adult criminal justice system,
  • the mental health system and the youth criminal justice system.

Among respondents, confidence was distributed as follows:

  • primary and secondary school system - high 26%, moderate - 60% and low - 14%;
  • child welfare system - high 12%, moderate 59% and low 28%;
  • adult criminal justice system – high 12%, moderate 58% and low 30%;
  • mental health system – high 10%, moderate 59% and low 30%;
  • youth criminal justice system – high 7%, moderate 53% and low 40%.
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