A One-Day Snapshot of Aboriginal Youth in Custody Across Canada

Chapter 1 - Introduction (continued)

1.2 Data Collection Process

During March 2000, the Research and Statistics Division contacted provincial and territorial officials to solicit their support for a one-day snapshot of Aboriginal youth in provincial and territorial custody facilities (open, closed, and remand). All agreed to participate.

The jurisdictions and the Division in consultation with the YJPT developed the research plan and data collection forms. The jurisdictions proposed that additional data be collected to enhance the value of the Snapshot, as reflected in the two Snapshot components described below:

  • The Facility Information Form was completed for each facility that held Aboriginal youth on Snapshot day; it listed questions about the location and nature of the facilities (e.g. foster or group home, culturally-based camp), the type(s) of custody provided (e.g. open, secure, or remand), the gender of youth in the facilities, and the total number of permanent beds.
  • The Data Collection Form was completed for each Aboriginal youth in custody on Snapshot day; it provides information on the three initial Snapshot questions (where youth lived prior to being charged or committing their offence, where they committed or allegedly committed their offence, and where they plan to relocate upon release from custody) as well as information on their age, gender, Aboriginal origin (e.g. First Nations, Inuit, Metis), status, primary language and most serious charge or conviction information. [1]

The jurisdictions agreed to collect the data on which the Snapshot is based through a combination of manual file reviews, extractions from automated systems (where possible) and interviews with youth (conducted by institutional staff), where required.

Most of the jurisdictions conducted the Snapshot on May 10, 2000 . For logistical reasons, Ontario and New Brunswick conducted the Snapshot on June 16, 2000 and May 24, 2000 , respectively.

[1] See appendix "A" for the Facility Information and Data Collection Forms.

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