A One-Day Snapshot of Aboriginal Youth in Custody Across Canada

Chapter 4 - Quebec (continued)

4.9 Quebec Conclusions

In Quebec , the data indicate that the typical Aboriginal youth in open or secure custody on Snapshot Day was a male between the ages of 16 to 17 with a most serious offence or charge for a crime against the person.

The data also reveal that Aboriginal youth in the Quebec Snapshot experienced a majority of their conflict with the criminal justice system on an Aboriginal reserve. A majority of Aboriginal youth lived in a reserve for the two years preceding their current admission, a majority were charged or committed the offence for their current admission in a reserve, and a majority plan to live in a reserve upon release from custody.

Finally, a majority of youth lived, committed or allegedly committed their offence, and have relocation plans to similar locations (a city, town or reserve). Youth who lived in a reserve for a majority of time preceding their current admission were most likely to have committed or allegedly committed their offence on a reserve and have plans to relocate to a reserve.

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