Departmental Legal Services Unit
Natural Resources Canada
April 2010


There is compliance with key government legislation and policies.

Procurement in NRCan is centralized in its Shared Services Office (SSO). The SSO is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services (e.g. furniture, computers, temporary help services) except office supplies. The LSU purchases office supplies with an acquisition card. We reviewed a sample of acquisition card and other financial transactions for 2008-09 and 2009-10. We were able to trace back the expenses to the invoices and ensure that they showed the required approvals under the Financial Administration Act.

The NRCan LSU is in compliance with the requirements of the Official Languages Act. Services are provided to the client in the language of choice. As per the Employment Equity Act, which promotes the hiring of Aboriginal peoples, women, disabled people, and visible minorities, there are several visible minorities working in the NRCan LSU.

It is the opinion of the audit team that there is compliance with the Financial Administration Act, the Official Languages Act, and other key government legislative and central agency policy requirements governing the NRCan LSU’s operations.

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