Departmental Legal Services Unit
Canada Border Services Agency
August 2011

8. Observations – Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction levels are a direct result of the quality of service clients receive from a service provider. Formal client satisfaction surveys are important tools for obtaining feedback on client satisfaction and providing information for effective improvement.

The CBSA is satisfied with the services provided by the LSU.

The SPPM client satisfaction survey, completed in 2007, assessed the timeliness, usefulness, and responsiveness Footnote 3 of the services the LSU provides to the CBSA. The survey results for overall client satisfaction with the LSU’s services were 8.0 for timeliness, 7.9 for usefulness, and 7.9 for responsiveness. The survey showed that for these elements, the LSU’s ratings were higher than the Portfolio for timeliness, the same for usefulness, and slightly below for responsiveness. A new SPPM survey is scheduled to be conducted in February 2011.

The LSU has incorporated in its MOU with the CBSA the same performance criteria (timeliness, usefulness, and responsiveness) as that found in the SPPM survey. The MOU is updated every two years and provides the LSU with CBSA feedback on its level of satisfaction with LSU services. The audit team reviewed the results of the most recent feedback and found it to be positive.

The audit team interviewed selected CBSA personnel to acquire information on client satisfaction. We used the same criteria as in the client satisfaction survey (i.e. responsiveness, usefulness, and timeliness) and requested personnel to provide their opinions. Based on the comments received, we conclude that the client department is satisfied with the services provided by the LSU.

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