PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System
March 2011

3. Observation – System Features

3.1 System-Generated Information

The information generated from PeopleSoft supports management in their HR-related decisions and is used by the Department to complete special projects.

PeopleSoft has the ability to generate a significant amount of HR information that is used by management to support the HR decision-making process. This information includes, but is not limited to, the following: leave, vacancies, performance measurement, positions excluded from collective bargaining, secondments and assignments, grievances by cost centres, employment equity demographics, and compensation. We interviewed HR directors, HR regional directors, HR assistants, PeopleSoft super users, and directors in the business areas to assess the quality and quantity of HR information with which they are provided. All stated that they receive the information required to support their work. A few indicated that additional reports and dashboards as well as an enhancement to the system to manage training would also be helpful.

At the corporate level, PeopleSoft plays an important role in supporting special projects of the Department. These include the Law Practice Model, annual PREA completion, the Performance Pay Program for Lawyers and Senior Management, and tracking of departmental performance toward employment equity targets.

In our opinion, PeopleSoft supports management in HR-related decision making and special projects.

PeopleSoft functionality for report formatting requires some users to use Microsoft Excel and other parallel systems to generate some reports.

We were told that PeopleSoft has a lack of functionality with respect to report formatting. As a result, some directors use Excel-based systems to keep track of HR-related issues, such as employees on long-term leave, workload monitoring, and ongoing classification transactions. Microsoft Excel and other Excel-based systems are also used to analyze data downloaded from PeopleSoft and to generate reports.

While the use of a parallel system may increase the risk of errors, in our view, the use of Excel to perform some analysis and generate some reports is an acceptable practice.

3.2 Security Features

Logging messages are not monitored for security breaches.

PeopleSoft has a built-in log function that directs messages to the Database Administrator (DBA). Included in these logs are security messages (e.g. unsuccessful log-in attempts), changes to the database, operational processing messages, disk storage usage, etc. However, the logging feature does not separate out security messages from other messages in the log. To review the security breaches would require a manual scan of the logs, which is time-consuming, and at present the Department does not have an automated solution to review the logs. As a result, the information on security breaches is not reviewed.

Recommendation and Management Response

15. It is recommended that the Senior Director, Business Support, Applications and Services ensure that logs from the PeopleSoft application are monitored for security breaches. (Medium Risk)

Agreed. The Senior Director, BSAS will work in collaboration with IT security to determine what level of monitoring is required and ensure that potential security breaches are reviewed. Completion date: March 31, 2012.

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