PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System
March 2011

4. Observations – Interfaces with Other Systems

As part of its corporate responsibilities, HRPDD is responsible for providing HR-related information for various systems owned by either PWGSC or Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS). There are currently system interfaces between PeopleSoft and four other external systems:

  • Regional Pay System
  • Employment Equity Database
  • Position Classification Information System
  • TB Public Service Employment Act System

Interfaces with other federal systems are well managed and the information produced by PeopleSoft is matched to the information generated from the other systems to ascertain accuracy and validity.

Regional Pay System (RPS)

The RPS, maintained by PWGSC, is considered the system of record for pay data. Only staff in the Compensation Unit can update information in the RPS. The unit performs reconciliations with RPS in three ways:

  1. comparison of general data from PeopleSoft to the RPS data using MS Excel macros on a monthly basis by the HR Statistics and Data Integrity Unit;
  2. comparison of pension RPS data to PeopleSoft data on a monthly basis by the HR Statistics and Data Integrity Unit;
  3. analysis of upcoming pay information received from PWGSC to previous pay information by the HR Statistics and Data Integrity Unit.

Employment Equity Database (EEDB)

The EEDB is a TBS system that tracks employment equity data government-wide.

Reconciliation of employment equity data in PeopleSoft and in the EEDB is an annual exercise done by the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer (OCHRO), TBS and the Employment Equity Coordinator from Justice Canada.

Position Classification Information System (PCIS)

All departments extract position classification data from their departmental HR system on a monthly basis and send it to PWGSC’s PCIS for data quality validations. The data is reconciled with the RPS on PRI numbers. Data quality control reports are returned to HRPDD in Justice, which is expected to review the reports and correct the data in PeopleSoft if necessary. Corrected data is then transmitted in the next monthly upload. The Head, Human Resources Statistics and Data Integrity Unit then reviews the next error report to ensure that the original error has been corrected.

Departmental Staffing Activity Information System (DSAIS)

It is the responsibility of TBS to monitor all non-advertised appointments within the federal government. HRPDD transmits staffing data for all appointments quarterly from PeopleSoft to the Department Staffing Activity Information System (DSAIS) of the Public Service Commission (PSC). The departmental data is matched by PSC with a monthly staffing file received from the RPS.

In addition to the above, a position reclassification report is created by HRPDD for TBS. This report meets the requirements of the Proactive Disclosure Program, operated by TBS, which involves publication of information concerning the reclassification of occupied positions in the Public Service of Canada. The Justice report on the reclassification of occupied positions is run on a quarterly basis and transmitted to TBS after validation of the information and the file format.

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