Regional Contracting
August 2011


Definitions have been taken from the Department of Justice Guide on Contracting, Government Contracts Regulations, the Treasury Board (TB) Contracting Policy, and the Standing Offer Index User Manual:

‘After-the-Fact’ contracting (also known as inappropriately initiated contracting)

Means identified work has commenced, is completed, or goods are received prior to a formal contract being awarded by a person with the delegated authority for contracting.


An order against a Standing Offer. A call-up does not involve any negotiations. Acceptance by the Crown of the supplier's offer is unconditional. Each call-up is a separate contract between the Crown and the supplier.


A good or service provided by a vendor.

Competitive Contract

A contract where the process used for the solicitation of bids enhances access, competition, and fairness and assures that a reasonable and representative number of suppliers are given an opportunity to bid by giving public notice using electronic bidding methodology or traditional bidding procedures under conditions set forth by Treasury Board.


The practice of unnecessarily dividing an aggregate requirement into a number of smaller contracts; thereby, avoiding controls on the duration of assignments or contract approval authorities.

Goods Contract

A contract for the purchase of articles, commodities, equipment, goods, materials, or supplies and includes a contract for printing or for the reproduction of printed matter.

IFMS (Integrated Financial Materiel System)

Is a Government of Canada core version of SAP system that centralizes all purchasing operations, integrates purchasing information with financial information, and provides for consistent processing of this data on a Department-wide basis.

Non-competitive (sole-source) Contract

Any contract for which bids were not solicited, or if bids were solicited, the conditions of a competitive contract were not met.

Service Contract

A contract for the provision of service but does not include an agreement whereby a person is employed as an officer, clerk, or employee of the Crown in Right of Canada.

Standing Offer

An arrangement to provide goods or services at pre-arranged prices with set terms and conditions, and for specific periods of time, on an ‘as requested’ basis.

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