Regional Contracting
August 2011

Appendix B – methodology

In conducting the audit, the audit team:

  • reviewed current contracting policies, directives, and guidelines at both the central agency and departmental levels;
  • interviewed CMMD contracting management and staff in headquarters;
  • interviewed CFO Branch staff in Monitoring and Quality Assurance Division and in Policy, Systems and Corporate Accounting Division;
  • examined data from the IFMS to analyze regional contracting activity, including the most often procured vendors, commodities, and approaches to let contracts;
  • at each of the three offices visited reviewed a randomly selected sample of service contract files over $2,000 in value to ensure compliance with departmental and TB policies and guidelines and to assess the extent to which the contracts were properly managed;
  • interviewed regional corporate services personnel;
  • interviewed managers and staff from the regional legal services portfolios involved with the contracting process, including members of the Regional Contracts Review Committees.
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