Tax Law Services Portfolio Office
July 2011


Legal advice and direction provided by the TLS Portfolio Office to the CRA LSU and regional TLS sections is adequate and effective.

TLS Portfolio Office leadership with respect to the provision of legal advice and direction is exercised through a broad range of governance structures, a continuous learning environment, well-developed processes and procedures that have been effectively communicated, and a performance management framework that provides timely and key information to enable effective decision making.

The departmental committees, such as the National Litigation Committee, the TLS committees, along with the national coordination networks have ensured a consistency of voice in their respective areas of expertise. The publication of the Strategic Business Plan has identified the strategic priorities and direction the TLS Portfolio is taking to improve the legal services provided to meet the evolving needs of the CRA.

The 2008 Department of Justice Client Feedback Survey assessed the client’s perception of legal service quality across the TLS Portfolio in terms of responsiveness, usefulness, and timeliness. The TLS Portfolio achieved a client rating of “excellent” (8.6 or above out of 10) in all three areas measured. The ADAG presented the survey results at the CRA Agency Management Committee, which is comprised of the CRA Commissioner and CRA direct reports, and these were formally endorsed by the CRA Commissioner.

In our view, the TLS Portfolio Office’s leadership in the provision of legal advice and direction to the CRA is adequate and effective.

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