Tax Law Services Portfolio Office
July 2011

Appendix C – Overview of increased accountabilities

The following increased accountabilities were identified and presented to the Executive Management Board on December 1, 2010 in the context of the footprint exercise.

Increased accountabilities in the financial area include the need to:

  • contribute to a review of the financial management framework and policies, further to the TBS Policy Suite Renewal exercise;
  • produce departmental financial statements;
  • respond to the Policy on Internal Control;
  • produce Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP) Future-Oriented Financial Statements;
  • produce Quarterly Financial Reporting;
  • implement the Policy on the Stewardship of Financial Management Systems;
  • meet enhanced requirements for reporting externally, in particular to Parliamentary Committees;
  • participate in strategic reviews and a review of administrative functions and overhead costs.

Increased accountabilities of the Management Sector include the need to:

  • comply with new TBS policies and directives that call for updating applications, infrastructure, and the IM/IT management model;
  • oversee the establishment of IM/IT policies, directives, standards, and protocols to align with the TBS Information and Technology Framework;
  • comply with enhanced workforce reporting requirements;
  • respond to the new Policy on Government Security that requires deputy heads to develop a comprehensive Departmental Security Plan that is linked with and complements Departmental Risk Profiles, DPR, RPP;
  • implement the Investment Plan;
  • contribute to Policy Suite Renewal within the limits of existing resources;
  • meet the expectations related to administering the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service;
  • develop and implement the new Code of Conduct;
  • administer the Public Service Disclosure Protection Act and the Lobbying Act;
  • address responsibilities identified in the Federal Accountability Act;
  • support in general a continued focus on transparency, accountability, and reportingby departments and agencies, central agencies (i.e. Public Service Renewal, Strategic Review implementation, administrative services review).
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