Audit of the Justice Canada Emergency Management Program and the Business Continuity Planning Program
May 03, 2013

Appendix G - Approach and Methodology

The audit was undertaken in a manner consistent with the TB Policy on Internal Audit and related guidelines and procedures, and with generally accepted auditing standards.

The methodology consisted of a review of corporate and regional documentation systems, practices, procedures and interviews with appropriate Department of Justice management and staff at headquarters and in two Regions.

In conducting this audit, the audit team:

  • Developed detailed audit criteria for EM and BCP;
  • Prepared a detailed audit program based on the criteria;
  • Interviewed departmental management and staff;
  • Conducted teleconference with one Region and an on-site visit to another Region.
  • Conducted interviews with senior management in the JET and JECC;
  • Further to the standards at Appendix A, reviewed the following documents:
    • Public Safety Canada, SEMP Rating Guide,
    • Public Safety Canada, Leading Practices,
    • M. Purdy’s Post-exercise Reports 2007 and 2009,
    • Terms of Reference for the Department of Justice National Security Business Continuity Planning Committee,
    • Departmental Security Plan, dated January 2013, and
    • Departmental briefing decks on EM and BCP.
  • Reviewed several audit reports of EM and BCP in Other Government Departments.
  • Prepared a time-line for EM and BCP.
  • Prepared a risk assessment for EM and BCP.
  • Developed a SEMP/BCP Relationship Chart.
  • Reviewed the Collection of Critical Services provided to Public Safety Canada in 2009.
  • Reviewed 17 corporate BCPs and 6 Region BCPs for critical services compared to the common format recommended in the A Guide to BCPs in DOJ.
  • Reviewed three corporate BIAs and ten BIAs for one Region.
  • Compared DOJ SEMP to Public Safety Canada’s SEMP template.
  • Developed suggestions for strategic issues for consideration in an annual EM Work Plan.
  • Developed suggestions for the A Guide to BCP in DOJ.
  • Developed suggestions for the Department of Justice SEMP.
  • Compared a new BCP template to common format of DOJ A Guide to BCP in DOJ.
  • Developed an intelligence information flowchart.
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