Report on the Audit of the Delegation of Financial Authorities – February 2014

APPENDIX A – Audit Criteria

The results from our audit for each criterion are presented in the table below. A brief overview of results for criteria which are "Met" is in section 1.2.5 of the report. Findings and related recommendations are presented in section 2 of this report for those criteria that are "Not Met", or "Met with Exception - Opportunity to Strengthen."

Audit Criteria Results
C1 - Financial Authorities are formally delegated and communicated in writing by the Minister. Met
C2 - Authorities are aligned with responsibilities and are delegated to positions identified by title, not to named individuals Met with Exception - Opportunity to Strengthen
C3 - Individuals are designated to exercise authority only after they have acquired appropriate training Met with Exception - Opportunity to Strengthen
C4 - Persons designated to exercise authority do not re-delegate such authority Met
C5 - Delegation instruments are compatible with the organizational structure, are standardized, and are clear and effective in the communication and management of the delegation of authorities Met
C6 - Applicable policies and procedures are maintained, kept current, and are made available to persons with delegated authority throughout the organization Met
C7 - There is a process in place for regular (at least annually) consultation on and review of the delegation of authority instruments by senior management in the Department Met with Exception - Opportunity to Strengthen
C8 - There is effective communication, awareness and training related to financial authorities and related policies and responsibilities Met with Exception - Opportunity to Strengthen
C9 - There is an effective process in place for the management of Specimen signature cards. Met
C10 - The Specimen signature card along with delegation documents is available in all locations where the signatures will have to be authenticated Met
C11 - There is appropriate separation of duties related to the exercise of financial authorities Not Met
C12 - Financial Authorities are exercised in accordance with the Delegation instruments of the Department Met with Exception - Opportunity to Strengthen
C13 - Risk-based management practices are established that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in the exercise of financial authorities. Not Met
C14 - There is formal process for quality assurance of the payment process and for the monitoring of compliance to the delegation of authorities to related financial management legislation, policies and authorities. Results of quality assurance and monitoring are reported in a timely manner to senior management or delegated oversight body. Met with Exception - Opportunity to Strengthen
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