Report on the Audit of Compliance with Financial Policy in Departmental Legal Services Units - September 2014

Appendix B – DLSU Samples by Financial Area

Portfolio DLSU (IS) Acquisition Card (non-IS) Travel, Conferences & Events (non-IS) Training (non-IS)
AAP Aboriginal Affairs - HQ   X X X
AAP Aboriginal Affairs - BC   X X X
BRLP Industry Canada X      
BRLP Foreign Affairs X   X  
BRLP Public Works and Government Services Canada X      
BRLP Transport Canada X      
BRLP Fisheries and Oceans X      
BRLP Health Canada X     X
BRLP Employment and Social Development Canada X      
CAP Treasury Board Secretariat X X X X
CAP Finance X X X X
PSDI Canada Border Services Agency X   X  
PSDI Canada Security Intelligence Service X   X  
PSDI Royal Canadian Mounted Police X      
PSDI Department of National Defence X      
TLS Canada Revenue Agency X   X  
LSB Transport (Departmental Regulation Section)     X X
LSB Health (Departmental Regulation Section)   X X X
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