Report on the Audit of Travel, Hospitality and Conferences – February 2014

Appendix E – Interviews/Discussions by Position

Director Accounting Operations

Director Financial Management Services

Director Business Management, Finance and Procurement Branch

Manager, Financial Policy and Controls Division

A/Manager Accounting and Client Services

Manager Financial Planning and Budgeting

Departmental Travel Coordinator

Travel Training and Communication Coordinator

Assistant, Travel AcXess Voyage Help Desk

Departmental Travel Card Coordinator Acquisition/Travel Cards, Relocation

Supervisor Accounts Payable - Financial Officer, NCR

Regional Director General Prairie Region (newly appointed)

Previous Regional Director General Prairie Region (for one year)

Director Financial Services Prairie Region

Manager Accounting Operations Prairie Region

Focus Group #1 Edmonton – Travel Arrangers and Travellers (10 attendees)

Focus Group #2 Edmonton – Responsibility Centre Manager (7 attendees)

Regional Director General Quebec Region

Director Financial Services Quebec Region

Chief Accounting Services Quebec Region

Focus Group #1 Montreal – Travel Arrangers (6 attendees)

Focus Group #2 Montreal – Responsibility Centre Manager (7 attendees)

FMA, PSDI Portfolio, responsible for liaison with CBSA Legal Services Unit

FMA, Aboriginal Affairs Portfolio, responsible for liaison with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada Legal Services Unit

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