Report on the Audit of Talent Management

Appendix A – Audit Criteria

Line of Enquiry 1 – Governance & strategic direction

Criterion 1.1 – Effective oversight mechanisms are in place and roles, responsibilities and accountabilities are established and communicated department-wide. 

Criterion 1.2 – Clear talent management principles and priorities are established, aligned and being met to address business-driven talent management needs and priorities.

Line of Enquiry 2 – Planning processes

Criterion 2.1 – Departmental resource needs are determined through workforce planning.

Criterion 2.2 – Business practices are in place to support effective and integrated succession planning.

Line of Enquiry 3 – Performance measurement

Criterion 3.1 – The Department uses performance metrics and targets to assess whether goals have been met.

Criterion 3.2 – The Department is refining its talent management activities based on the input from its senior management and employees.

Appendix B – Management Sector’s Reported Progress

Integrated Talent Management Framework Element Management Sector’s Reported Progress
Strategic Recruitment
  • The Legal Excellence Program is being used as a recruitment source for LP-01 counsel
  • Collective processes used for entry level counsel, legal assistants, junior level human resources advisors, information technology specialists, including EX, LC and senior practitioner LP-03 positions, etc.
  • Developmental programs such as Financial Officer Development Program and the Policy and Research Analyst Program
Performance Management & Talent Management
  • Performance Management Program in place for all employees
  • Standard tools and implementation of talent management across the Department
  • Integrated talent management and performance management review process for portfolios/sectors/regions as well as at Executive Committee for LCs, EXs and LP-05s
Learning and Professional Development
  • Individual learning plans/learning and development plans for all employees
  • National Mentoring Program
  • In-house learning programs
  • Departmental mandatory management training in labour relations and staffing
  • In-house second language training
  • In-house legal training programs
  • Leadership training program for EXs and LCs
    • Justice Executive Leadership Program for EX\LCs-01 and LCs-02 (director level)
    • Leadership in Action: Executive Leadership Program for EX/LCs-03 (director general level)
    • An abridged version of the Executive Leadership Program delivered to the Executive Committee team
    • Nomination process to University of Ottawa Certificate Program and other recognized leadership programs offered by outside service providers such as Leadership Across Borders
Mobility/Career Progression
  • Flexible Career Development Initiative - short-term career development opportunities
Succession Planning and Talent Management
  • Succession planning and talent management framework and guidelines created for the Department
  • These are operationalized yielding individual organizational succession plans for critical positions at the EX, LC and LP-05 levels across the Department
  • Departmental corporate placemats for critical positions with high risk of vacancy (EX/LCs and LP-05s across the Department)
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