Initiative in Support of Access to Justice in Both Official Languages Evaluation

Appendix D: Expert Panel

Questions for the Expert Panel

A document was submitted to the participants of the expert panel. That document identified the session’s objectives, the evaluation methodology and the key findings from the evaluation at the time of the session. That document aimed to put the participants in context to facilitate the discussions around the expert panel’s research questions. Here is the list of questions:

  1. What do you retain from the data presented in this document? What are the highlights?
  2. In view of the accomplishments documented to date, what role do you see this Initiative having beyond the Roadmap (April 2013)?
  3. How should the training-related component change in the future?
  4. What role do you see for the Department of Justice Canada versus the associations of French-speaking jurists?
  5. Can you identify any needs in terms of access to justice in both official languages that are not currently covered by the Initiative?
  6. In your opinion, what is the greatest impact resulting from this initiative?
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