Legislative Services Branch Evaluation

1. Introduction

The mandate of the Department of Justice is to support the dual role of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada. The Legislative Services Branch (LSB) supports these roles and the strategic outcomes of the Department of Justice by drafting government bills and drafting or examining federal regulations, as well as providing legal advice. This evaluation report presents findings on the relevance and performance (effectiveness, efficiency and economy) of the LSB.

1.1 Evaluation Scope and Objectives

To meet the requirements of the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) 2009 Policy on Evaluation, the Department of Justice undertook an evaluation of the LSB, assessing its relevance and performance based on expected outcomes. The LSB has been in place in its present form since the reorganization of the Department in 1994 Footnote 4 and has never been evaluated.

The evaluation focused primarily on LSB services related to the drafting and harmonization of bills and regulations. Specifically, the evaluation examined the activities of the Branch’s headquarters and Departmental Regulations Sections’ offices between 2006-07 and 2010-11.

1.2 Structure of the Report

This report contains six sections, including the introduction. Section 2 provides a description of the LSB and Section 3 describes the methodology used for the evaluation. Section 4 examines the relevance of the LSB, Section 5 presents the evaluation findings regarding the performance of the LSB, and Section 6, the conclusions, recommendations and management response.

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