Legal Aid, Courtworker, and Public Legal Education and Information Needs in the Yukon Territory: Final Report


I would like to thank the following persons for their dedicated assistance with various aspects of this study:

Yukon Legal Services Society

  • Nils Clarke
  • Denise Simpson

Yukon Public Legal Education Association

  • Robert Pritchard

Yukon Council of First Nations

  • Rose Wilson
  • Brenda Jackson

Yukon Territory Government, Department of Justice

  • Tom Ullyett
  • Birgitte Hunter
  • Catherine Simpson
  • Gavin Shaw
  • Barry Jenkins

Yukon Bureau of Statistics

  • Murray Munn

Department of Justice Canada

  • Tina Hattem
  • Frances Pennell
  • Grace Brickell
  • Stephanie Dulude

I should also like to acknowledge and thank the 53 respondents who contributed reflective and insightful comments in interviews lasting up to two and a half hours, as well as the 12 participants in the August 7 focus group in Whitehorse.

Interviewing for Focus Consultants was conducted by Leslie Knight, Kathleen Dawson, Andrew Nieman, Janet Currie and Tim Roberts.

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