Pilot study of method to review closed organized crime files

4. The SPSS research database (cont'd)


To summarize these many data, the table below notes the most frequent, common, average or relevant finding for each variable captured during the file review:

Table 3.9: Data Summary
Key Variables Finding
Most common key document found Information sheet (in 82% of files reviewed)
Most common file size Between 2 and 5 boxes
Average time span of files 34.4 months (just under 3 years)
Extent of linkages among files Over half (50.5%) were clearly linked to other FPS files.
Most common potential organized crime indicator The inclusion of a named police project (in 66% of the files reviewed)
Most common drug type in files involving drugs Cocaine
Most common law enforcement agency RCMP (in 74% of the files)
Average number of accused per file 4
Percentage of accused who went to trial 10.5%
Most common disposition for accused Guilty plea (50%)
Most common jail terms for accused 2 and 3 years
Most common statues under which charges were laid NCA and CDSA (49.1%)
Most common charge Conspiracy (76% of charges laid under the Criminal Code, 31.3% of all charges)
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