The Nature of Canadian Urban Gangs and their use of Firearms: A Review of the Literature and Police Survey

Appendix A

Urban Gangs and Weapon Use: A Survey of Six Cities

This survey was designed by Toni Hemmati, researcher, contracted by the Department of Justice Canada. It is intended to represent a snapshot of the urban gangs within your department's jurisdiction. Vancouver, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax police departments will be asked to participate in the survey. Results will be presented in an overall report to provide the context of urban gangs in Canada with an emphasis on the use of weapons and firearms in particular. The entire report will focus on the nature of Canadian urban gangs and their use of weapons, with a particular focus on firearms, and operational projects designed to deal with these issues. Your department will be sent a copy of the full report after its acceptance. Any member of your organization may contact Toni Hemmati at any time for more information, or Nicole Crutcher of the Department of Justice Canada for verification.

Researcher: Toni Hemmati

Department of Justice Canada contact:
Nicole Crutcher, Senior Research Officer
Research and Statistics Division
(613) 957-7093

This survey can be completed electronically, saved and sent. Responses will automatically create space and do not need to be formatted. If the survey will be completed by hand, more room will be necessary for each question - please add room before printing. Please return the completed survey either electronically to the researcher or by fax to the attention of Nicole Crutcher (613) 941-1845 by February 17th if possible. Thank you very much for your participation.

Name of person completing the survey:

Contact information:

Please complete the following survey based on the most recent information available. In some cases, estimates must be used. If using an estimate, please indicate this with an asterisk (*) or "est." beside the response. Some questions might not apply to your city - if that is the case, please mark them "N/A". Please add any additional information you feel might offer a more comprehensive snapshot of the subject material.

The term "urban gangs" is defined as individuals within an urban area who formally or informally affiliate themselves with a particular common group and express themselves as members by antisocial behaviour through the commission of offences. It does not include organised crime gangs. "Urban gangs" will be used interchangeably with "street gangs". Ethnicity refers to racial background if known, e.g., Caucasian, Aboriginal, African-Canadian, East Asian (e.g., Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean), West Asian (e.g., Iranian, Pakistani, Indian) or Other (please specify). The term "weapons use" refers to any illegal activity involving weapons of any kind.

Urban Gangs

The researcher would like to contact you regarding more information on the research background and evaluation methods used regarding this program.

Weapons Use

2.0.0. Statistics on offences involving illegal use of weapons.s
  • 2.0.1. How prevalent is the use of firearms by urban gangs?
  • 2.0.2. How do street gang members acquire firearms?
  • 2.0.3. For what reasons do the members use the guns?
  • 2.0.4. In 2004 or 2005, has your police department initiated or been involved in any type of program to deal with illegal firearms possession and or use in the community? (For example, cash for guns or gun amnesty). If so, please describe this program briefly.

The researcher would like to contact you regarding more information on the research background and evaluation methods used regarding this program.

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