"There Ought to Be a Law!" – Instrument Choice: An Overview of the Issues


Les Pal is Professor of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University with interests in public policy and policy analysis. Texts he has authored or edited include: Beyond Policy Analysis: Public Issue Management in Turbulent Times (Toronto: ITP Nelson Canada, 1997); Border Crossings: The Internationalization of Canadian Public Policy, co-edited with G. Bruce Doern and Brian Tomlin. (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1996); and Parameters of Power: Canada’s Political Institutions co-authored with Keith Archer, Roger Gibbins, Rainer Knopff. Toronto: Nelson, 1995. Recent research examined: Nets, Webs and Scapes: Policy Community Dynamics in Cyberspace. He is a co-investigator on a major project on the impact of globalization on everyday life which received a $5 million award from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. For that project, Prof. Pal will be researching new modes of non-state governance at the international level of complex systems such as the Internet.

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