Economic and Organized Crime: Challenges for Criminal Justice

7. Conclusion

There are constant pressures on the criminal justice system to take on roles for which it has traditionally not been equipped. Given the widespread belief that the world is under siege by criminal organizations, those pressures are likely to increase. The popular view is that the world is facing a new criminal threat - new crimes and enormous increases in the number and technological sophistication of old crimes to which it must respond. Yet a criminal justice should always be conservative, hesitating to follow fad and fashion. And, arguably, the degree to which there is a new, greatly expanded criminal challenge has been exaggerated, perhaps grossly.

Probably the most important lesson to be drawn is that the real criminal justice challenge lies in understanding the twilight zone where crime and business interact, often to their mutual benefit. That is a zone where regulatory and alternative instruments may be better suited than traditional criminal justice approaches that were created largely to deal with crimes involving involuntary redistribution of wealth.

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