Review of Provincial and Territorial Domestic Violence Legislation and Implementation Strategies


I should like to acknowledge the generosity of the following provincial and territorial contact persons, who freely shared copies of materials that are found in these binders, and who provided critical insights about the operation of domestic violence legislation in their respective jurisdictions:

  • Rod McKendrick, Saskatchewan Justice
  • Ellie Reddin, Community Services and Attorney General, Prince Edward Island
  • Kelly Cooper, Department of Justice, Yukon
  • Jane Holliday, Department of Family and Social Services, Alberta
  • Joan MacPhail, Q.C., Manitoba Justice

Thank you also to Anna Paletta of the Department of Justice for her patience and flexibility in managing this contract.

It should be emphasized that the binder contents do not reflect all materials that have been produced in a given jurisdiction, but rather what was readily available in reproducible form at a given moment. Some materials were sent electronically while others were faxed and therefore reproduction was of a lower quality. Some materials had handwritten notations or underlining. It was not felt for current purposes that completely “clean” copies were necessary. Decisions about the depth of materials to collect, what to include, and in what format were my own.

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