Licence Suspension and Denial: Overview of a New Mechanism for Child Support Enforcement


A review and analysis of available material on licence suspension programs from United States sources were undertaken for this report. A number of documents were obtained by the New Brunswick government; the director of the Maintenance Enforcement Program in that province wrote to about two dozen states requesting documentation on licence restriction laws and practices. Additional documentation, such as up-to-date state legislation, was retrieved from Internet searches undertaken in mid-1999. The Child Support Team, Department of Justice Canada, supplied material on drivers' licence restriction programs in this country.

A primary source of basic information on all state suspension programs in the United States is the Office of Child Support Enforcement publication that contains state-by-state details of licence restriction procedures as of January 1998 (U.S. DHHS, OCSE, 1998). Some of the contents of the OCSE report differs from other material gathered from presumably accurate sources such as the home pages of state child support enforcement agencies and lawyers, and material directly received from state agencies. This situation may result from recent amendments to state legislation and practices, or complexities in state legislation that are not clearly described in the OCSE publication, which is in a condensed tabular format. For this reason, state documentation is used wherever possible.

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