Research on Compliance with Child Support Orders and Agreements in Prince Edward Island



The research conducted for this study depended in large measure on interviews with many parents in Prince Edward Island, which were lengthy and dealt at times with difficult personal matters in their lives. They assisted us with no expectation of reward other than the knowledge that they were contributing to a project that could help federal and provincial efforts to improve the way governments and the legal system deal with separating parents with children. For their contribution we are grateful. The team that produced this report also appreciates greatly the time and effort taken by Debbie Conway, the Director of the Maintenance Enforcement Program in P.E.I., and her colleagues, to facilitate the research and to make our extended stays on the Island a pleasure. Also, we would like to thank the lawyers, judges, court workers and social workers in P.E.I. who took time to share with us their experiences working with separating parents. Finally, we would like to acknowledge the very substantial contribution made by the Child Support Team at the Department of Justice Canada, and in particular Jim Sturrock, Catherine Massé and George Kiefl.

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