Child Support Initiative:
Research Framework


Information to be specified in order

13. A child support order must include the following information:

  • (a) the name and birth date of each child to whom the order relates;

  • (b) the income of any spouse whose income is used to determine the amount of the child support order;

  • (c) the amount determined under paragraph 3(1)(a) for the number of children to whom the order relates;

  • (d) the amount determined under paragraph 3(2)(b) for a child the age of majority or over;

  • (e) the particulars of any expense described in subsection 7(1), the child to whom the expense relates, and the amount of the expense or, where that amount cannot be determined, the proportion to be paid in relation to the expense; and

  • (f) the date on which the lump sum or first payment is payable and the day of the month or other time period on which all subsequent payments are to be made.

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