Post-Separation Visitation Disputes: Differential Interventions




The exploratory study took place at the Office of the Children's Lawyer from January 1999 to December 1999. The sample included families who experienced visitation or access problems with either parent and had been court ordered to attend for a social work investigation and report. After meeting inclusion/exclusion intake criteria, (6) they were randomly selected to receive either a traditional social work report (parental history, child history, allegations of each parent) or a focussed intervention (active creation of solutions to the difficulties, less emphasis on past history). Each parent received a Parent Information Letter and Consent Form in the mail outlining the nature of the study and their voluntary status in it (Appendix 1). They were requested to fill out questionnaires before (Time 1) and after (Time 2) the delivery of service. If parents chose not to participate in the study, they were assured that they would receive service from the Office.

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