An Overview of the Risks and Protectors for Children of Separation and Divorce

Appendix D: Children's Perception of Interparental Conflict Scale

Family Disagreements

I live with:

  • both my mom and my dad
  • only one of my parents
  • another relative (e.g., grand-mother, aunt)

In every family there are times when the parents don't get along. When their parents argue or disagree, kids can feel a lot of different ways. We would like to know what kind of feelings you have when your parents have arguments or disagreements.

If your parents don't live together in the same house with you, think about times that they are together when they don't agree or about times when both of your parents lived in the same house, when you answer these questions.

  • T = True
  • ST = Sort of True
  • F = False
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