Report on Family Law Research in Nunavut

APPENDIX THREE: Survey Instrument, Service Inventory

  1. Do you know of individuals or families in your community who are experiencing difficulty with separation and divorce?
  2. Problems deciding custody and access of children?
  3. Problems with financial support from another parent?
  4. Problems with violence?
  5. Are there services for those people? What are the main services?
  6. Can I ask specific services in community?
  7. Does the social worker deal with family law problems?
  8. Has there been a social worker working in your community continuously for the last two years?
  9. Do they work full time?
  10. Is there a youth worker in the community?
  11. What activities do they provide?
  12. Do they work full time?
  13. Is there guidance counselor in the community? Do they get involved ? How?
  14. Are there active church groups in your community?
  15. Do they get involved if families are having a problem? How?
  16. Are there active women's groups in your communities?
  17. Are there drugs and alcohol counseling services?
  18. Do people look for legal advice to resolve any separation or divorce issues?
  19. Where do they go for legal advice? (Court worker, JP. Lawyer)
  20. Are there any other services?
  21. Do families experience difficulties with separation or divorce for which there are no services?
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