A Profile of Legal Aid Services in Family Law Matters in Canada


The authors would like to acknowledge the assistance and cooperation of a number of individuals for their support during this project. We would like to extend our appreciation to Ms. Shirley Riopelle Ouellet, Ms. Tina Hattem and Dr. Albert Currie, Department of Justice Canada, for their advice and guidance.

We would especially like to thank the following individuals from across Canada for providing us with the information on their legal aid services that was essential to this report: Mr. W. Kent Brown, Q.C., Prince Edward Island Legal Aid; Mr. T. Gerard Lukeman, Q.C., Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission; Mr. Bryan Whitfield, New Brunswick Justice, and Mr. David Potter, Legal Aid New Brunswick; Me. Hélène Leduc and M. Yves Carrière, Commission des services juridiques, Québec; Ms. Heather Morgan, Legal Aid Ontario; Mr. Gerry McNeilly and Mr. Bill Malcolm, Legal Aid Manitoba; Ms. Jane Lancaster, Q.C. and Ms. Laura Lacoursiere, Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission; Ms. Nancy Brown Medwid, The Legal Aid Society of Alberta; Mr. David Duncan, Legal Services Society, British Columbia; Mr. Nils Clarke, Yukon Legal Services Society; Mr. Greg Nearing and Ms. Marissa Modesto, Northwest Territories Legal Aid; and Ms. Bonnie Tulloch, Nunavut Legal Aid. Completion of this report would not have been possible without the assistance of these people.

Finally, we would like to thank Ms. Linda Bland, Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family, for her help in formatting the report. This project was conducted with funding from Department of Justice Canada.

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