A Profile of Legal Aid Services in Family Law Matters in Canada

2. Description of family law legal aid services in Canada (continued)

2.14 Summary

TABLE 1 : Summary of Primary Delivery Model and Annual Income Cut-offs for Single Persons
Province/Territory Primary Delivery Model1 Annual Income Cut-offs for Single Person2 $
Newfoundland Staff 4,716
Prince Edward Island Mixed - Judicare 14,176
Nova Scotia Mixed - Staff 12,804
New Brunswick Mixed - Staff -
Quebec Mixed 8,870
Ontario3 Judicare 9,192
Manitoba Mixed - Judicare 14,000
Saskatchewan Staff 9,420
Alberta Judicare 13,000
British Columbia Mixed - Judicare 12,024
Yukon Mixed - Staff confidential
Northwest Territories Mixed - Judicare -
Nunavut Mixed - Staff -

Source of data: Unless otherwise noted, data were provided by the legal aid service in each jurisdiction. Income information for Ontario and Newfoundland was obtained from Statistics Canada (1999).

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