Representation for Immigrants and Refugee Claimants

Appendix 2 Interview Guide - Service Providers (continued)

Questions for all service providers (continued)

6. Respondents' overall assessment

The following questions are intended to elicit respondents' views with respect to the work currently being done by different groups of service providers and to elicit any suggestions they may have to improve present legal aid arrangements relating to immigrants and refugee claimants. Interviewers should specifically canvass the respondents' views on how representation services might best be delivered to immigrants and refugee claimants. To set the stage for these questions, interviewers should draw the respondents' attention to:

  • the services that should be considered (advice and information, assistance in case preparation, representation at hearings);
  • the avenues available for delivering these services (NGOs, legal aid clinics, service providers in private practice); and
  • the people who provide these services (volunteers and paid community service workers without legal expertise, immigration consultants, supervised paralegals, and lawyers - both staff and private practice).

7.  Questions for lawyers

The following questions are intended only for lawyers who are directly involved in representing immigrants and refugee claimants. Lawyers who are also respondents in some other capacity, for example as representatives of some organization, should be included as respondents for these questions.

The questions are directed to eliciting information about lawyers' experience with paralegals in the delivery of legal services to immigrants and refugee claimants.

8.  Questions for supervised paralegals and immigration consultants (i.e., unsupervised paralegals)

9.  Questions for NGOs

The following questions are intended only for respondents from NGOs. The questions are directed to profiling the respondent's organization with regard to provision of assistance to immigrants and refugee claimants. The information of this nature required for this study is very limited. More in-depth information along the same lines is being sought in a parallel study being carried out for the Department of Justice by the Social Policy and Research Council. Interviewers should simply mark the applicable cells on the grid provided.

10.  Supplementary questions

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