An Analysis of Immigration and Refugee Law Services in Canada

Stage Activity Legal Aid Coverage
Port of Entry S. 20 Admissibility Interviews No.
Eligibility determinations See explanation below.
Inland Claims S. 27 Inland Violations of the Act No
Eligibility Determinations See explanation below.
Convention Refugee Determination Division Personal information form preparation Yes
Determination Hearings (preparation and attendance) Yes
Other Hearings (preparation and attendance) Yes
Immigration Appeals Division Appeals Yes. Coverage in this area is discretionary.
Adjudication Immigration Inquiries No
Detention Hearings (first and other instances) Yes
Humanitarian/Compassionate Applications Yes. Coverage in this area is discretionary (according to what the grounds are for the application).
PDRCC Applications No
Danger Opinions* Submissions to the Minister Yes
Federal Court Judicial Review and Appeals Yes
Supreme Court Appeals Yes
Appeals to International Tribunals Appeals Possibly. The work involved in making a submission has been covered in the past, but expenses associated with attending have not been covered. LAO may consider an issue in this area as a test case.

* Formerly Appeals to Citizenship and Immigration Minister.

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