Canadian Law School Faculty Survey


The survey was designed to collect information from all Canadian law schools on research interests, areas of specialization and expertise of law school faculty members. It was designed through an extensive consultative process. First, a draft version of the survey was reviewed by an advisory committee of members from a number of divisions within Department of Justice (DOJ). The Contracts Review Committee of the Research and Statistics Division then reviewed it, and finally, Dean Michael Wylie (University of Calgary) and Dean Joost Blom (University of British Columbia) reviewed the survey and provided recommendations for its final content.

The survey was sent out to the Deans of all 22 law schools across Canada (see Appendix A for a list of these schools) to be distributed to their faculty members. The survey asked faculty members to identify their research interests, most recent publications; whether they had any special advisory experience; whether they had ever served as an expert witness; if they provide pro bono legal services; and in which areas their students were conducting research. (See Appendix B for a copy of the Canadian Law Faculty Survey questionnaire.)

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