Canadian Law School Faculty Survey


Law school faculty were also asked to provide bibliographic information. While most professors did provide this information, a few did not. This section of the report includes the three most recent publications as provided.

Adjin-Tettey, Elizabeth University of Victoria - Faculty of Law

  • "Failure of State Protection Within the Context of the Convention Refugee Regime with Particular Reference to Gender-Related Persecution,", Journal of International Legal Studies, 1997, 3(1).
  • "Reconsidering the Criteria for Assessing Well-founded of Persecution in Refugee Law," Manitoba Law Journal, 1997, 25(1).
  • Contemporary Approaches to Compensating Female Tort Victims for Incapacity to Work, Forthcoming.

Anand, Sanjeev University of Saskatchewan

  • "Expressions of Racial Hatred and Criminal Law: Proposals for Reform,” Criminal Law Quarterly, 1997.
  • "Beyond Keegstra: The Constitutionality of the Willful Promotion of Hatred Revisited," Canadian Bar Review, 1998.
  • "Commentary on R. v Gladue: The Sentencing of Aboriginal offenders – Continued Confusion, Persisting Problems," Canadian Journal of Criminology, Forthcoming.

Archibald, Bruce P. Dalhousie University - Faculty of Law

  • "The Politics of Prosecutorial Discretion: Institutional Structures and Tensions between Punitive and Restorative Paradigms of Justice,” Canadian Criminology Law Review, 1998.
  • "Fault Penalty and proportionality: Connecting Sentencing to Subjective and Objective Standards of Criminal Liability (with Ruminations of Restorative Justice)," Criminal Law Quarterly, 1998.
  • "A Comprehensive Canadian Approach to Restorative Justice: The Prospects for Structuring Fair Alternative Measures in Response to Crime," Forthcoming.

Bailey, Martha Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • "Supervised Access: A long term Solution?," Family and Conciliation Courts Review, Forthcoming.
  • "Family Law at the End of the Twentieth Century: The 1997-98 Term," Supreme Court Law Review, Forthcoming.

Baines, Beverly Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • "The Under Representation of Women in the Justice Field" in M-E LeBeuf & J Mclean, (editors), Women in Policing in Canada: Beyond the Year 2000 - Its Challenges, Ottawa: Canadian Police College, 1997.
  • "The Justiciability of Multiculturalism and Minority Rights in Canada," Journal of Law and Politics (Niigata University, Japan), 1999.

Bala, Nicholas Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • Young Offenders Law, Toronto: Irwin, 1997.
  • “Tort Remedies and the Family Law Practitioner,” Canadian Family Law Quarterly, 1999.
  • “Child Witnesses in the Canadian Criminal Justice System: Recognizing Their Needs and Capacities,”, Psychology, Public Policy and the Law, Forthcoming.

Barton, Peter G. The University of Western Ontario - Faculty of Law

  • "Why Limitation Periods in the Criminal Code?" Criminal Law Quarterly, 1997.
  • "Sir John Alexander Boyd", Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Vol. XIV, 1998.
  • "Consent by Others to Search Your Place," Criminal Law Quarterly, 1993.

Beatty, David University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "The Canadian Charter of Rights: Lessons and Laments," Modern Law Review, 1997.
  • "Canadian Constitutional Law in a Nutshell," Alberta Law Review, 1998.
  • "Polluting the Law to Protect the Environment," Constitutional Forum, 1998.

Bell, Catherine University of Alberta - Faculty of Law

  • "Alberta Metis Settlement Legislation: An Overview of Ownership and Management of Settlement Lands (Canadian Plains Research Centre: 1994).
  • C. Bell and Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal, "Contemporary Metis Justice: The Settlement Way" (Saskatoon: Native Law Centre, 1999).
  • C. Bell and A. Pellattt, editors. Gathering out Strengths: Proceedings of a Conference on Violence Against Aboriginal Women, with “Introduction”, by C. Bell. 1999.

Berryman, Jeff University of Windsor - Faculty of Law

  • Some Observations on the Application of Equitable Compensation in Western Australia: Dempster v. Mallina Holdings, London, Ontario: University of Western Ontario, 1995.
  • Remedies: Cases and Materials (Third Edition). Toronto: Emond Mongomery, 1996.
  • "Equitable Compensation for Breach by Fact-Based Fiduciaries: Tentative Thoughts on Clarifying Remedial Goals," Alberta Law Review, 1999.

Billingsley, Barbara University of Alberta - Faculty of Law

  • "Margetts v. Timmer Estate: The Continuing Development of Canadian Law Relating to Mary Carter Agreement," Alberta Law Review, 1998, 36(4).
  • "Virani v. Edwards: Ownership Interest and Third Party Auto Claims in Alberta," A case Comment, Forthcoming.
  • "Caught in the Middle: Rethinking the Objectives of Insurance Defence Counsel when Liability Insurance coverage is Called into Question," Forthcoming.

Vaughan Dalhousie University - Faculty of Law

  • "Crash: The Ontario Court of Appeal Bumps into Tolofson," C.C.L.T. (Second Edition), 1998. "The Uniform Enforcement of Canadian Decrees Act," The Advocates' Quarterly, 1998. "Annotation to Kirschenbaum-Green v. Surchin," C.C.L.T,. 1999.

William W. University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law

  • "Vriend, Rights and Democracy," Constitutional Forum, 1996. "Human Rights Reform in B.C.,"
  • University of British Columbia Law Review, 1997. "A New Human Rights Code for B.C.," Human Rights Forum, 1997.

Blaikie, David Dalhousie University - Faculty of Law

  • "Law, Religion and Morality" (Unpublished) with Gordon Worth.

Boyd, Susan B. University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law

  • Challenging the Public/Private Divide: Feminism, Law, and Public Policy, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1997.
  • "Lesbian (and Gay) Custody Claims: What Difference does Difference Make?" Canadian Journal of Family Law, 1998.
  • "Family, Law, and Sexuality: Feminist Engagements," Social and Legal Studies, 1999.

Buchanan, Ruth University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law

  • "Gender on the Line: Technology, Restructuring and the Reorganization of Work in the Call Center Industry," Policy Report with Sarah Koch-Schulte, Status of Women Canada, Forthcoming.
  • "Lives on the Line: Low Wage Work in the Tele-Service Economy," Low-Wage Ghetto: Interpretations of Work and Welfare in an Era of Social Retrenchment, Russell Sage, Forthcoming.
  • "1-800 New Brunswick: Economic Development Strategies, Firm Restructuring, and the Local Production of Global Services" Forthcoming in Navigating Globalizations, Edited by Jane Jenson and Boaventura Santos.

Buckwold, Tamara M.University of Saskatchewan – College of Law

  • “Statutory Regulation of Unfair Business Practices in Saskatchewan: Possibilities and Pitfalls, Saskatchewan Law Review, 1999, 62(1).
  • “Post-Bankruptcy Remedies of Secured Creditors: As Good as it Gets,” Canadian Business Law Journal 1999.
  • “Holding the High Ground: The Position of Secured Creditors in Consumer Bankruptcies and Proposals,” Osgoode Hall Law Reform, 1999.
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