Canadian Law School Faculty Survey


Carmody, Chios C-The University of Western Ontario - Faculty of Law

  • "Of Substantial Interest: Third Parties Under GATT," Michigan Journal of International Law, 1997.
  • "Customs Tariff Section 59(2): A Canadian 301?" Journal of International Economic Law, 1998, 1:4.
  • "When Cultural Identity was not at Issue": Thinking about Canada - Certain Measures Concerning Periodicals," Law & Policy in International Business, 1998, 30:1.

Carter, Donald Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • "Calculating the Length of Reasonable Notice: Has Cronk Made a Difference?") Canadian Labour & Employment Law Journal, 1998.
  • "The Future Direction of Canadian Employment Law: Will the Rights Paradigm Continue to Prevail," Employment Law, Vancouver: The Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, 1999.

Cassels, Jamie University of Victoria - Faculty of Law

  • "Annual Review of British Columbia Law, Torts" in Annual Review of Law and Practice, 1997 (Vancouver, Continuing Legal Education, 1997) p.665-693.
  • "Annual Review of British Columbia Law, Torts" in Annual Review of Law and Practice, 1996 (Vancouver: Continuing Legal Education, 1997) p. 633-657.
  • "The Law of Damages" (Treatise manuscript approx 500 pages – forthcoming summer 1999, Irwin Press).

Chambers, Robert University of Alberta – Faculty of Law

  • “Indefensible Title as a Bar to a Claim for Restitution” Restitution Law Review, 1998.
  • “Conditional Gifts” in Palmer & McKendrick, Interests in Goods (2nd ed, Lloyds of London Press, 1998).
  • “Constructive Trusts in Canada” Alberta Law Review, 1999, 37.

Chapman, Bruce University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "Rational Voluntarism and the Charitable Sector", Forthcoming in B. Chapman J. Phillips and D. Stevens eds., Charities: Between State and Market (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1999) 4pages.
  • "Rationally Transparent Social Interactions", forthcoming in M. Streit, ed., Cognition, Rationality, and Institutions (Max-Planck-Institute for Research into Economic Systems, 1999) 26 pages.
  • "Charities: Between State and the Market", Toronto: McGill-Queen's University Press, Forthcoming.

Chisick, Casey M. University of Manitoba – Faculty of Law

  • “Winnipeg Condominium Co. No. 36 v. Bird Construction Co.: The Death of the Contractual Warranty?” Manitoba Law Journal, 1998, 25, 363-409.
  • “What is a persona? Entertainers, Athletes, Joe Public and the Protection of Personality Rights in the U.S. and Canada” (1999) Unpublished LL.M. thesis, Harvard Law School).
  • “Appropriate Dispute Resolution and the Problem-Solving Lawyer: Designing an ADR curriculum for the University of Manitoba” (1999) (unpublished student paper, Harvard Law School).

Choudhry, Sujit University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "Challenging the Repeal of the Canada Assistance Plan by Bill C-76: A case Development Report prepared for the Charter Committee on Poverty Issues, 1995, 122 pp.
  • "The Enforcement of the Canada Health Act" , McGill Law Journal, 1996, 41, 461- 508.
  • "Globalization in Search of Justification: Toward a Theory of Comparative Constitutional Interpretation" Indiana Law Journal, 1999, 74, 819-892.

Christie, Innis Dalhousie University - Faculty of Law

  • "Changing the Shape of Workers' Compensation in Nova Scotia" (1997) 11 Canadian Speeches: Issues of the Day, 45 (address to the Rotary Club of Halifax, August 12, 1997).
  • "Behind Closed Doors: The Process of Making Decisions" to the annual meeting of the Canadian Council on administrative tribunals, Ottawa, Monday June 2, 1997.
  • "The Irving Oil Strike; Reflections of a Commissioner of Inquiry", Address to the St. John's Branch of the Canadian Industrial Relations Association, January 28, 1998.

Conklin, William E. University of Windsor - Faculty of Law

  • The Phenomenology of Modern Legal Discourse (Aldershott UK/ Brookfield, 1998).
  • "Legal Modernity and Early Amerindian Laws" in Francis van Loon, Sociology of Law: Liber Amicorum Prof. Jean van Houtte (1999).
  • "The Divine origins of Legal Positivism: A re-reading of a tradition Philosophy and law Series" (Kluwer, January 2000).

Cossman, Brenda University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "Reforming Canadian Child Custody and Access Law – A discussion Paper", Canadian Journal of Family Law, 1998, 15.
  • Book: "Secularism's Last Sigh: The Hindu Right and the (Mis) Rule of Law" (New Delhi/London, Oxford University Press, 1999).
  • "Developments in Family Law: The 1998-9Term" Supreme Court Law Review, forthcoming.

Coughlan, Steve Dalhousie University - Faculty of Law

  • "Separate Aboriginal Justice Systems - Some Whats and Whys" University of New Brunswick Law Journal, 1993, 42.
  • "The Omission of Provocation from a General part" in Stuart, Delisle and Manson (ed.) Towards a Clear and Just Criminal Law: A Criminal Reports Forum (Toronto: Carswell, 1999).
  • "Criminal Procedure Cases in the Supreme Court of Canada, 1997-98", Supreme Court Law Review, Forthcoming.

Crane, Cheryl M. University of Victoria - Faculty of Law

  • "Developments in Employment Law, the 1995-96 Term" Supreme Court Law Review (2d) 1997, 8, 307.
  • "Administrative Tribunals, Charter Challenges, and the Web of Institutional Relationship" Saskatchewan Law Review, 1998, 61, 495-527.
  • "Developments in Employment Law, the 1997-98 Term", Supreme Court Law Review (2d), 1999, 10, 341-384

Crepeau, Paul-Andre McGill University - Faculty of Law

  • "La fonction pedagogique du droit des obligations", communication a l'atelier de droit civil, faculte de droit, Universite McGill 30 janv. 1998
  • "Allocution d'ouverture du XV Congres international de droit compare", Bristol Angleterre, 26 Juillet 1998
  • "Unification du droit - Perspectives canadiennes", Communication a la conference Meredith, Universite McGill, 12 Mars 199

Cuming, Ronald C.C. University of Saskatchewan - College of Law

  • "Judicial Development of Personal Property Security Law: The Contribution of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal", Saskatchewan Law Review, 1999, 62, 19-44.
  • "The Spreading Influence of Personal Property Security Act Concepts: The Uniform Liens Act: Business and Finance Law Review, Forthcoming.
  • "Personal Property Security Law in Canada: The Revolution is Nearly Complete" Australian Law Journal, Forthcoming.

Daniels, Ronald University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "Private Provision of Public Infrastructure: An Organization Analysis of the Next privatization Frontier" University of Toronto Law Journal, 1996, 46, 375-426
  • "Some of the Causes and Consequences of Corporate Ownership Concentration in Canada" in Randall Morek, ed., Concentrated Corporate Ownership (Cambridge, MA: National Bureau of Economic Research, 1999)
  • "Government by Voucher" University of Boston Law Review, Forthcoming.

Davidson, Paul J. Carleton University - Department of Law

  • "ASEAN- Association of Southeast Asian Nations: An Introductory Note" Booklet I.A. in Release 98-3 (September 1998) ) Paul J. Davidson Ed. Trading Arrangements in the Pacific Rim.
  • "Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation: An Introductory Note", Booklet II.A. in Release 98-4 (December 1998) ) Paul J. Davidson Ed. Trading Arrangements in the Pacific Rim.
  • "The Evolving Legal Framework for Economic Cooperation in ASEAN" Booklet I.C. 10. Release 99-1 (February, 1999) Paul J. Davidson Ed. Trading Arrangements in the Pacific Rim.

Deutscher, David University of Manitoba – Faculty of Law

  • Evidence in Sexual Assault Trials (upcoming).

Dickens, Bernard University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "Vulnerable Persons in Biomedical Research: 50 Years After the Nuremberg Code" International Journal of Bioethics, 1999, 10, 13-23.
  • Book Review (J.K. Mason, Medico-Legal Aspects of Reproduction and Parenthood" 2nd ed.) International Digest of Health Legislation (WHO), 50, 1999, 437.
  • "The FIGO study group on women's sexual and reproductive rights" International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 1999, 67, 55-61.

Downie, Jocelyn Dalhousie University - Faculty of Law

  • "Computer Assisted Legal Research and Writing Course," Dalhousie Law Journal, 1998, 21 (4).
  • "Children and Decision-Making in Health Research," IRB: A Review of Human Subjects Research, 1999, 21, 4.
  • "Information/Consent/Authorization for Minors' Participation in Research," Health Law Review, Forthcoming.

Drassinower, Abraham University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "Un-requested Benefits in the Law of Unjust Enrichment" University of Toronto Law Journal, 1998, 48, 459.
  • "The Political Purposes Doctrine in the Law of Charities: A Conceptual Analysis in Chapman, Phillips, Stevens, eds., Forthcoming , McGill-Queen's.

Duff, David G. University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "Disability and the Income Tax" (unpublished, 1999).
  • "Neuman and Beyond: Income Splitting, Tax Avoidance and Statutory Interpretation in the Supreme Court of Canada" Canadian Business Law Journal, Forthcoming.
  • "Charitable Contributions and the Personal Income tax: Evaluating the Canadian Credit" in Bruce Chapman, Jim Phillips and David Stevens, eds., Charties: Between State and Markets (Forthcoming: McGill-Queen’s).

Duggan, Tony University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "Saying Nothing with Words" in Jacob S Ziegel (ed) New Developments in International Commercial and Consumer Law (Hart Publishing Oxford England, 1998).
  • "Equity" in Peter Newman (ed) The New Dictionary of Economics and the Law (Mac Millan London England 1998).
  • "Consumer Credit Law" C. Buttersworth Sydney Australia 1999.

Easson, Alexander J. Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • Taxation of Foreign Direct Investment (London Kluwer International, 1999.
  • "Taxation of Partnerships in Canada", paper presented in Queensland, Australia in July 1999, to be published by Kluwer International.
  • "Countering Harmful Tax Competition", to be published in proceedings of Canadian IFA Conference June 1999.

Elliot, Robin, M. University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law

  • "Rethinking Section 96 - From a Question of Power to a Question of Rights" in Magnusson, D.N. and Soberman, D.A. (eds.) Canadian Constitutional Dilemmas Revisited, (Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, 1997).

Elliott, David W. Carleton University - Department of Law

  • "Introduction to Public Law: Readings" 4th (North York: Captus, 1999).
  • "Administrative Law and Process" 3rd (North York: Captus, 1999).
  • "Law and Aboriginal Peoples of Canada" 4ed (North York: Captus, Forthcoming 2000).

Elman, Bruce P University of Alberta – Faculty of Law

  • “Hate Speech Symposium: Protecting Rights, Protecting Hate? Comparative American, Canadian, and Israeli Approaches” Touro Journal of International Law, 1995, 6.
  • “The Constitutionalization of Multiculturalism” in Adelman and Simpson, Multiculturalism, Jews, and Identities in Canada, Magnes Press: Jerusalem, 1996.
  • “The Failure of Dialogue: Winnipeg Child and Family Services” (Northwest Area) v. (D.F.), Alberta Law Review, 1998, 36.

Emrich, Jane Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • Co-author on 5th edition of Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Canada, Butterworth. Forthcoming.

Ericson, Richard University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law

  • Crime and the Media. Aldershot: Dartmouth 1995.
  • Policing the Risk Society. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1997.
  • Governing Modern Societies. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Forthcoming.

Esau, Alvin A. J. University of Manitoba – Faculty of Law

  • “A Lawyer Looks at the Cross” , M.B. Herald, 1994, March 18, p 4-6.
  • “What Should We Teach? Three approaches to Professional Responsibility” in Buckingham, Bickenbach, Bronough, and Wilson, Legal Ethics in Canada (Toronto, Harcourt Brace, 1996) pp. 178-192.
  • “Communal Property and Freedom of Religion” in McLaren and Coward, Religious Consciences, the State and the Law (1997), CUNY Press.
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