Canadian Law School Faculty Survey


Saumier, Genevieve McGill University - Faculty of Law

  • "Les Objections a la competence internationale des tribunaux Quebecois: nature et procedure" Revue de Barreau, 1998, 58.
  • "Les aspects constitutionnels du droit international prive Quebecois" expected to be ready for submission in spring 1999.
  • "Mandatory Rules and Uniform Choice-of-law Rules" Based on Chapter 4 of doctoral dissertation, expected in summer 1999.

Schulz, Jennifer L. University of Windsor - Faculty of Law

  • Invited to guest edit "The Manitoba Journal of Counseling" December 1999.
  • Upcoming article regarding Confidentiality and Mediation The Manitoba Journal of Counseling, 1999.
  • "The University of Windsor Mediation Service: A model for Canadian Law Schools" (1999)upcoming in Interaction, December issue.

Scott, Stephen A. McGill University - Faculty of Law

  • "Le jeu suicidaire de la"roulette canadienne" Cite Libre, 1996, XXIV, 3 (Mai-juin).

Shachar, Ayelet University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "On Citizenship and Multicultural Vulnerability" Political Theory Vol. 28, 64 (February, 2000).
  • "Should Church and State be Joined at the Altar? Women's Rights and the Multicultural Dilemma" Citizenship in Diverse Societies, ed. Will Kymlicka and Wayne Norman (Oxford: Oxford University Press, Forthcoming April 2000).
  • "The Puzzle of Interlocking Power Hierarchies: Sharing the Pieces of Jurisdictional Authority" Canadian Journal of Women and the Law (Forthcoming, July 2000).

Sheppard, Colleen McGill University - Faculty of Law

  • "Narratives and Feminist Theory" (with Sarah Westphal). "Women as Wives: Immigration Law and Domestic Violence". "The Social Values of Justice", in D. Guth (ed.) Brain Dickson at the Supreme Court of Canada
  • 1973-1990 (Ottawa: Supreme Court of Canada Historical Society, 1998) 133.

Slutsky, Barry V. University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law

  • A Text on "Oppression of Minority Shareholders", Forthcoming.

Sneiderman, Barney University of Manitoba – Faculty of Law

  • “Ethical and Practical Considerations of Withdrawal of Treatment in the Intensive Care Unit” Canadian Journal of Anesthesia, 1999, 46, 497-504.
  • “Decision-Making at the End of Life” in Downie J. & Caulfield T. (eds.) Canadian Health Law and Policy (Butterworths, 1999).
  • “Holocaust Bashing: The Profaning of History” Manitoba Law Journal, 1999, 26.

Solomon, Robert The University of Western Ontario - Faculty of Law

  • "Municipal Alcohol Policy: Liability, Prosecution and Risk Minimization" (Toronto: Addiction Research Foundation, 1996).
  • "A Legal Survival Guide for Social Workers" (Toronto: Family Services Ontario, 1996).
  • "Alcohol Advertising: A legal Primer" 2d ed., (Toronto: Creek Anti-Drug Focus Community Group, 1997).

Sossin, Lorne York University - Osgoode Hall Law School

  • "Salvaging the Welfare State? The Prospects for Judicial Review of the Canada Health and Social Tranfer" (1998) University of Toronto Law Journal, 1998, 47, 523 (review essay).
  • "Welfare State Crime in Canada Revisited: The Politics of Tax Evasion in the 1980's and 1990's" Tax Forum, 1999, 3.
  • "Developments in Administrative Law: The 1997-98 and 1998-9Terms" Supreme Court Law Review, 2000, 11.

Stuart, Don Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • "Sexual Assault: Substantive Issues Before and After Bill C-49", Crim. L.Q., 1993, 241.
  • "Charter Protection against Law and Order, Victim's Rights and Equality Rhetoric" in Cameron (ed.) The Charter's Impact on the Criminal Justice System (1996) pp. 327-338.

Stuesser, Lee University of Manitoba – Faculty of Law

  • “Wrongful Dismissal – Playing Hardball: Wallace v. United Grain Growers” Manitoba Law Journal, 1998, 25. “Recognizing Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege” Australian Law Journal, 1997, 71, 495. “An Appeal for Guidance” Bond Law Review, 1997, 8, 110.

Swan, Peter Carleton University - Department of Law

  • "Going to Blazes, The Social Economy of Arson in Nova Scotia" in John McMullan et al. Law, Crime & Community (Fernwood Press, Halifax).
  • "Discourses of Environmental Governance in Canada"
  • "Reflexive Environmental Governance and Environmental Justice"
  • Both of the above in: Michael Mac Neil, Neil Sargent & Peter Swan eds., Law, Regulation and Governance (Oxford University Press) (Forthcoming).

Tetley, William McGill University - Faculty of Law

  • "Current Developments in Canadian Private International Law" Canadian Bar Review, 1999.
  • "Maritime Law as a Mixed Legal System" Tulane Maritime Law Journal, 1999, 23.

Tollefson, Chris University of Victoria - Faculty of Law

  • "The Wealth of Forests: Markets, Regulation and Sustainable Forestry" (University of British Columbia Press), 1998.
  • "Aboriginal Rights and Cumulative Environmental Effects" Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 1998, 18, 371.
  • "Public Participation and Judicial Review" chapter 7 in Hughes, Lucas et. al. Environmental Law and Policy in Canada (Emond: Toronto), 1998.

Townsend, D.A. University of New Brunswick - Faculty of Law

  • National Conference paper: "Is the Nation Built Yet? Public Interest Objectives and Radio Spectrum Policy in Canada" Presented at Wireless and the Millennium - Spectrum 20/20, Industry Canada and the Canadian Wireless Communication Association, December 2-4, 1998, Ottawa.

Valcke, Catherine University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "The Unhappy Marriage of Corrective and Distributive Justice in the New Civil Code of Quebec" University of Toronto Law Journal (Summer 1996).
  • "Quebec Civil Law and Canadian Federalism" Yale Journal of International law, 1996, p. 67.
  • "Legal Education in a Mixed Jurisdiction: The Quebec Experience" 10 Tulane European & Civil Law Forum, 1996, 10, p. 61.

Vandervort, Lucinda University of Saskatchewan – College of Law

  • “Legal Limits on the Availability of the Defence of Belief in Consent: Law, Fact and Myth in Sexual Assault under Section 265(4)” (No citation given), 1998.
  • “Provocation in Criminal Law: A Preliminary Outline of the Issues from a Feminist Perspective” (Prepared as a background discussion paper for the July 199LEAF Consultation on Provocation) 34 pages, 1999.
  • “To Codify or not to Codify the Principles of Criminal Responsibility: A question of fundamental Justice and Equality”, Towards a Clear and Just Criminal Law: A Criminal Reports Forum, Carswell., 1999.

VanderZwaag, David L. Dalhousie University - Faculty of Law

  • "Legal Challenges for Local Management of Marine Resources: A Philippine Case Study" (College, Laguna: University of the Philippines, Lo Banos, Environmental and Resource Management Project), 1996.
  • "Oceans Law and Policy in the Post-UNCED Era: Australian and Canadian Perspectives" (London: Kluwer Law International), 1996.
  • "Implementation of Maritime and Environmental Treaties in Organization of Eastern Caribbean States: Case Study Reports for Antiqua and Barbuda, Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis and St. Vincent and the Grenadines" (Halifax: Oceans Institute of Canada), June 1998.

Vincent, Linda University of Manitoba – Faculty of Law

  • “Contracts: Cases and Commentaries”, Boyle & Percy eds. 6th ed. Chapters 1-4.
  • “Casebook on Intellectual Property” for Emond Montgomery, Forthcoming.
  • More recent article was on recent cases concerning comparative advertising published in translation “Les Cahiers De Propriété Intellectuelle 1996

Waddans, S. University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "Sexual Slander in Nineteenth-Century England: Defamation in the Ecclesiastical Courts, 1815­1855" (University of Toronto Press), 2000.
  • "Unconscionable Contracts: Competing Perspectives" Saskatchewan Law Review, Forthcoming.
  • "The Canadian Law of Products Liability" 34 Texas International Law Journal, Forthcoming.

Walker, Janet York University - Osgoode Hall Law School

  • "Interprovincial Sovereign Immunity Revisited" Osgoode Hall Law Journal, 1997, 35, 379.
  • "Class Actions in Ontario: Fresh Prospects for Securities Litigation?" in Litigation Issues in the Distribution of Securities: An International Perspective (Kluwer), 1997.
  • "Are we there yet?: Towards a New Rule for Choice of Law in Tort" Osgoode Hall Law Journal, Forthcoming.

Walsh, Catherine University of New Brunswick - Faculty of Law

  • "Choice of Forum Clauses in International Contracts" (Forthcoming in book collection of 199Meredith Memorial Lectures, McGill University).
  • "Formalism, Functionalism and Understanding the law of Secured Transactions" McGill Law Journal, 1999, 44, 3.
  • "The Floating Charge is Dead; Long Live the Floating Charge - A Canadian Perspective on the Reform of Personal Property Securities Law" Ch. 3 in Perspectives on Commercial Law (Australia: Prospect), 1999.

Walters, Mark D. Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • "TheGolden Thread' of Continuity: Aboriginal Customs at Common Law and Under the Constitution Act, 1982" McGill Law Journal, 1999, 44.
  • "Nationalism and the Pathology of Legal Systems: Considering the Quebec Secession Reference and its Lessons for the United Kingdom" Modern Law Review, 1999, 62, 371-396.

Weisberg, Mark Queen’s University – Faculty of Law

  • “Discerning the Gift”, Change Jan\Feb 1999. “Voices” in Techniques for Teaching Law (G. Hess eds.).

Welling, Bruce The University of Western Ontario - Faculty of Law

  • "Indemnification Agreements in Canadian Corporate Law" Meredith Memorial Lectures (Annual volume 94-95) 339.
  • "Former Corporate Managers, Fiduciary Obligations, and the Public Policy in Favor of Competition" Les Cahiers de Droit, 1990, 31, 1095.
  • "Conflicts of Laws Issues Arising from Matrimonial property Statutes in Canada" Canadian Family Law Quarterly, 1993, 9, 225.

Williamson, John R. University of New Brunswick - Faculty of Law

  • "Execution Against Land in Newfoundland" UNBLJ., 1991, 40, 159. "Creditors and Partition of the Marital Home", Solicitors Journal, 1998, 15(1).
  • "Judgment Enforcement and the PPSA", UNBLJ, 1999, 48.

Wilson, Larry University of Windsor - Faculty of Law

  • "Child Labour and the Charter", Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues, 1995.
  • "Parental Responsibility for the Acts of Children", Forthcoming.
  • "Finding Fault in the Supreme Court of Canada", Forthcoming.

Wright, Barry Carleton University - Department of Law

  • "Canadian State Trials Volume One: Law, Politics and Security Measures, 1608-1837 (co-edited with F.M. Greenwood) Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1996.
  • "Harshness and Forbearance: The Politics of Pardons and the Upper Canadian Rebellion" in C.Strange ed., Mercy and the Modifications of Punishment, Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 1996.
  • "Quiescent Leviathan? Citizenship and National Security Measures in Late Modernity", Journal of Law and Society, 1998, 25.

Wylie, Michael University of Calgary - Faculty of Law

  • "Consumer Protection and the Provincial Regulation of Deposit-Taking Institutions in Alberta: 1966-1991" Alberta Law Review, 1994, 32.
  • "Selected Complex Priority Issues in Alberta Commercial Loan and Security Documentation" (The Canadian Institute, March 1995).
  • "Enhancing Legal Counseling in Cross-cultural settings", Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice, 1996, 15, 47.

Young, Alison Harrison Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • "Wrestling with the Limits of Law: Regulating New Reproductive Technologies", Health Law Journal, 1998, 6.
  • "This Child Does have 2 (or More) FathersChartier and Step -Parent Support Obligations", McGill Law Journal, 2000, 45.

Young, Claire University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law

  • "Taxing Times for Women" paper commissioned by the B.C. Ministry of Women's Equality, 1998. Taxing times for Women: Critical Perspectives on Tax Policy, University of Toronto Press, Forthcoming.
  • "Aging and Retirement are note Unique to Heterosexuals" Rosenberg v. Canada, In Herman and Stychin eds. In Sexuality in the Legal Arena (Athlone Press), Forthcoming.
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